Instruments presently under construction are:
Hass 1740; Fleisher 1720; Zell 1728; Schudi 1740

Instruments for Hire
A selection of harpsichords are available for hire after Taskin 1769, Fleisher 1714, Zell 1728, Spanish 1700. Please enquire for details of hire, transport and tuning costs.

Spanish 1700

Instrument for Sale
1974 single manual harpsichord after Andreas Ruckers.
Compass: GG-F3
Disposition: 2x8', 4', buff.
Casework in figured walnut with inlaid boxwood line.
Marquetry nameboard.
203 x 90 x 25cm

Price on request: Andrea Goble 01865 761685

Maintenance, restoration, revoicing services for Goble harpsichords, spinets and clavichords.
Further details of all of the above can be sent on request.